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He is married to a Ukrainian wom
Have you ever found yourself going shopping just because you were feeling a little depressed and needed something to do? If so Zach Randolph Jersey , you are not alone ? a recent survey showed that 74 of the world s consumers admit to having shopped for purely recreational reasons, even though they did not need to buy anything.

How can shopping be a cure for the blues? In the long run, all it will do is make your situation worse. After you come back from your spending spree you invariably begin thinking about your problem again, only now you have less money than you did earlier in the day. In a nutshell: you re still depressed, but now you re also broke. That makes you even more depressed Willie Cauley-Stein Jersey , which causes you to feel guilt about your actions and lack of financial self control. Before you know it you find yourself spinning further and further into a financial and emotional black hole.

We compound our problems when our recreational shopping is done with high interest credit cards. Credit card holders often make only the minimum monthly payments, thereby turning their credit card account into a perpetual long term debt. They pay interest on their account balance month after month after month but never seem to pay down the balance.

Now, contrast the situation above with that of a person able to exercise some financial self control. Sure, they have bluesy days, just like the rest of us Vlade Divac Jersey , but they know that recreational shopping is only going to make matters worse. And they can take comfort knowing that financial troubles will not compound their problems. People with financial self control use money to create positive feelings about themselves. They take pride when they buy something, knowing that they worked hard and saved up the money until they could afford it. They even have money set aside in savings, giving themselves a sense of ease and security.

So, put away those high interest credit cards and begin working out a budget to pay off your bills and ultimately reduce the portion of your income that goes to pay debt. This will take a lot of financial pressure off of you and consequently make it easier for you to feel good about yourself ? erasing the need to go recreational shopping to forget your troubles. If you find yourself just wanting to go shopping out of pure boredom, you need to find a serious hobby or sport. Go surfing Vince Carter Jersey , join a hiking club, do anything at all to keep yourself out of stores when you don t need to buy something specific.

If you do find yourself in need of quick cash for necessities, instead of reaching for your credit card, consider a payday loan. In seconds they can provide you with the fast cash you need and an affordable payment schedule that direct debits straight from your account at your next payday. So instead of racking up thousands of dollars, keep your borrowed money from spiralling out of control with this method of short term lending on small amounts. You will have a far better commitment to paying it back when you are obliged to in writing!

KIEV Skal Labissiere Jersey , Jan. 31 (Xinhua) -- "When the brilliant moonlight is shining upon, we share the same happy festival mood despite being far apart," Peng Wei, a 24-year-old Chinese teacher, is becoming sentimental when talking about the Spring Festival celebrations.

Peng Peja Stojakovic Jersey , a Chinese-language teacher from Tangshan, north China's Hebei Province, moved to Ukraine almost five months ago to provide Mandarin courses for Ukrainian students at the Confucius Institute of the Kiev National Taras Shevchenko University.

Recalling the Spring Festival traditions of her family, Peng said that all family members usually gather together making Chinese dumplings.

"One dumpling is always filled with brown sugar. We believe that someone who gets this dumpling will be happy next year," Peng told Xinhua.

The young lady admitted that her homesickness becomes stronger during the Lunar New Year Oscar Robertson Jersey , but the joint celebrations with Chinese friends help her feel the magic of the holiday.

Besides, in Kiev, Peng shares Chinese Spring Festival traditions with her Ukrainian friends and learns Ukrainian customs of New Year celebrations.

"I really like a Ukrainian tradition of New Year wishes. People write down their wish on the piece of paper and when the president makes a New Year speech, they burn it, put the ashes in their champagne and drink it Mitch Richmond Jersey ," Peng said.

Peng is the guest of the Spring Festival organized by the Chinese Embassy in Ukraine to keep the Lunar New Year traditions and enhance the cohesion of Chinese nationals living in the East European country.

At the event, Chinese people living in the different corners of Ukraine showed their talents during the concert.

Children recited poems and sang songs, while youngsters played saxophone and performed the traditional dance with pipa -- four-stringed lute.

Du Shaofu, a real estate employee, who lives in Ukraine for eight years Mike Bibby Jersey , looked fascinated while watching the concert.

In a brief talk with Xinhua correspondent, Du said the traditional music and the festive atmosphere of the event have brought him home.

"I like to spend the Spring Festival at home because the whole family reunites. Ukraine is far from home. You can only show video or call each other and watch the traditional New Year's concert," Du said.

He is married to a Ukrainian woman for two years and they have a one-year-old child. The couple appreciates and respects each other traditions and celebrates every Chinese and Ukrainian holiday.

Du said he was very glad that this year his wife expressed a desire to spend the Lunar New Year with her parents-in-law.

"Tomorrow morning, our family of three is flying to China," Du said with the authentic feeling of happiness on his face.

Wang Zhijie Malachi Richardson Jersey , a businessman from Beijing, also has Ukrainian wife. Unfortunately, this year, the family is unable to celebrate the Sprin. Cheap Jerseys   Cheap Jerseys China   Cheap Jerseys From China   Cheap Authentic Jerseys   Cheap Nike NBA Jerseys   Cheap Replica MLB Jerseys   Cheap MLB Baseball Jerseys   Cheap NCAA College Jerseys   Wholesale Jerseys   Wholesale NFL Jerseys From China

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